First Coast Results, Inc. specializes in corporate elections.  We provide an array of the services needed to successfully accomplish any corporate solicitation objective.  Using state-of-the-art integrated electronic systems, First Coast Results captures, processes, tabulates and reports the voting results.

With over 25 years of real-world experience in the corporate arena, we understand the many complex corporate governance challenges faced by the industry today.  Investor activism has dramatically increased the number of shareholder proposals, special meetings and contested elections.  To the uninitiated, oftentimes the challenges may seem almost insurmountable.  That’s where First Coast Results comes in.  Our team of specialists possesses the expertise, resources, and solutions that corporations, proxy solicitors, and transfer agents can exploit to accomplish their solicitation objectives.

Routine or non-routine, special or contested, large or small, from the preparation of material to reporting the final voting results, First Coast Results offers a warehouse of essential services to support corporations, proxy solicitors, and transfer agents to get any job done.

We enjoy an excellent reputation among our clients for professional, accurate, timely and cost-effective service.  Our integrity is above reproach.  Our service is exceptional.  Our fees are nominal.